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For them every single second of the minute is valuable an you need to take calls, fill reports and help others. A study reported in the Harvard Business Review claimed that stay at home call center agents answered At Blue Ocean, we have seen excellent performance from our work-at-home agents. They would ask you to go to work hours prior to your shift. In many cases, the work-at-home model has improved attendance records blue ocean work from home simultaneously allowing agents greater work-life balance and continued employment despite scenarios like relocation or greater family responsibilities. Some people had more than 5 years in the company. The only difference in performance management for WAH agents is that our coaches and WAH agents engage in live coaching sessions via Jabber, with the ability to text, talk, use video, and share live screens and files rather than sitting side-by-side. This is a great topic of discussion. Management, coaches, supervisors are a totally different game.

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The State of Work-at-Home in Customer Care in

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As Technology Advances, So Does Work-at-Home

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What’s the State of Work-at-Home in Customer Care in 2017?

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Working at Blue Ocean in Halifax, NS: Employee Reviews |

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