Real options and corporate strategy. Strategy as a Portfolio of Real Options

Traditional corporate finance gives us one metric—NPV—for evaluating projects, and only two possible actions: In such an uncertain environment, the traditional tools of capital budgeting and corporate valuation are no longer adequate. As executives at WeatherIze experiment with circles in option space, it is important that they preserve the link between the pictures they draw and the disciplined financial projections required by the real-options framework. Executing a strategy almost always involves making a sequence of major decisions. Immediate investment will not always be the optimal course of action because by investing early the company loses the advantages of deferring, which also are real. A real options approach can help by valuing these managerial intangibles and preventing mistakes. In visual terms, we prefer the introduction option to be farther to the right and to have a larger solid circle.

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A Gardening Metaphor: Options as Tomatoes

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Real Options Analysis - Crazy

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Strategy as a Portfolio of Real Options

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  • An NPV calculation only uses information that is known at the time of the appraisal.
  • This is because numerical real options analysis draws heavily on analogies with financial instruments.
  • Phenomena like pending changes in regulations, a predictable loss of market share, or preemption by a competitor are all costs associated with investing later rather than sooner and might cause us to exercise an option early.
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Strategy as a Portfolio of Real Options

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  • It is further out of the money but is now linked directly to the product introduction option.
  • With technologies changing, competition increasing and product cycles getting shorter, managers are faced with tough strategic choices whose outcomes will determine the success or failure of the enterprise.

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Using real options in strategic decision making

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