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We found that the younger workers whose social lives are more connected to the office tend to not want to work from home as much. Effects on families[ edit ] The structural economic changes have influenced specific aspects of the family. Does the STAR initiative make conditions worse for employees by increasing stock options simulator work hours or job demands? However, our experimental design allows for a more rigorous evaluation of the initiative than has been possible in those studies. Any disruption that offers a chance to have people work remotely is an opportunity to see how effective they are off-site. It is common within the IT division to pilot new initiatives, including those developed in-house and those brought in by consultants. Such unintended consequences might arise because of increased permeability of work and nonwork across time and space and the resulting blurring of work and family roles ChesleyGlavin and SchiemanKelliher and AndersonBroker forex firewood and Glavin Moreover, STAR pairs bottom-up changes identified by employees with structured training to promote managerial supportiveness. Interestingly, after the experimental period in which those randomized to work at home were obligated to do so, employees were able to choose scholarly articles on work from home they worked and outcomes improved even more Bloom et al. Trying to determine which set of studies to trust is—trust me—a futile exercise.

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  2. Remote workers would immediately tell you yes, while traditional bosses are still more likely to tell you no.

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Does Working from Home Work? Evidence from a Chinese Experiment

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Are Remote Workers More Productive Than In-Office Workers?

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Safety and Health at Work - Journal - Elsevier

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